Wheels Iron Dust Remover

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Iron Remover is the specialty color-changing gel that removes stubborn brake dust, iron deposits, and other embedded metallic contamination from wheels and body panels before they can destroy your car!


Remove contamination you can't even see
Neutralize corrosive chemical reactions
Obliterate bond between iron deposits
Release hot iron deposits
Watch as formula changes color with contaminants

Deep Clean Your Wheels

Powerful brakes on modern cars spit out large amounts of hot, corrosive, and filthy brake dust all over wheels, brake parts, and lower body panels. The hot iron particles embed into the surfaces, causing a chemical reaction that leads to rust, scratches, and swirls, and cannot be fully removed by normal car washing techniques.

Prolong the Life of Your Ride

Releases iron deposits and other ferrous metal from wheels and lower body panels, then neutralizes the corrosive chemical reaction that leads to rust and paint failure. Sprays on clear, then turns purple once the specialty iron catalysts react with ferrous metals and the chemical reaction releases embedded contamination so you know when to remove it.

Kit Contents

300ML bottled *1
nozzle *1
Hub brush *1
Microfiber towel *1

Directions For Use

Rinse wheels with sharp stream of water to remove loose dirt and soften tough grime.
Spray wheel cleaner on wheels, tires, brakes, and suspension components.
Let sit to break down filth and grime for several minutes.
Use brush to gently agitate dirt and grime.
Rinse away filth, cleaner residue, and soap with sharp stream of water and dry with a clean microfiber towel.
Please Note: Always try a test spot before use.