Smart Sensor Trash Bin

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Certification: CE
Style: Touchpad
Material: PP
Color: White Blue
Use: Trash can \ Bucket garbage \ Home storage
Waterproof: Yes

Smart trash can: smart chip, infrared sensible design, free hands and feet do not need to touch the trash can, easy and convenient, away from bacteria.

Turn on the cover method: press the button, the cover will turn on instantly, inductive turn on cover, knee induction, no need to bend over, hand induction, refuse to touch, save effort, save time.

Mute: Built-in buffer silencer gasket, mute on and off, will not affect daily life, work and rest.

Good sealing: Closed design, the smell is not easy to spread to the outside. The home is comfortable, healthy and healthy.

Appearance: Narrow design, small space can also be placed, living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom can be placed anywhere.


Q: What is the use of the product?

A: Perfect size that fits well in bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and office for light-duty purpose.

Q: Is the product durable?

A: The dish rack is made of high quality PP to ensure its durability.

Q: Is it easy to clean?

A: Removable attachments are very easy to clean